Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Are you looking for a little vintage sparkle to brighten up your day?

Well then....your search is over!!!

Vintage 1950's Gold/Silver Tone Pink Rhinestone Filigree Brooch Pin

I used to sell vintage costume jewelry, vintage clothing, mid-century modern furniture, etc. from the time my son was only a few months old in 2007 and continued selling until he started Pre-K in 2011. During that time, I sold mostly on eBay and I was actually pretty successful. eBay started to make a lot of changes with their marketplace around 2010 and once he started school, I sold most of my inventory and quit selling online. I packed up my online selling career and started working in a corporate environment again (yuck!!).

Fast forward seven years (yes, I said seven!!), I resigned from my corporate job this past January due to complete stress and lack of respect by my office manager. This person who will remain unnamed, was no more than a glorified salesman and he was really good at running his mouth! I decided I had way more value and self-worth than to sit at a desk, in a corporate office and work for someone else who had no respect for my talent, value or my time. 

Since resigning, has my journey been difficult? In some ways yes, but I do not regret resigning for one moment! If I had to do it all over again, would I? Yes, I would and I probably would have done it sooner! Life is too short to waste time, doing something you hate and working for other people's goals and dreams. We are all put on this planet for certain reasons. We all have specific talents and qualities and for me, my talents and qualities were not meant to be spent sitting at a desk, working for a corporation and a manager who did not value me. Can you relate? If so, you need to take account and review your life. You need to figure out how you should be spending your days and your time. Time is something we can never get back, so spend it wisely!

When I started to sell things online again this year, I found a bag of old vintage stock that I used to sell. Vintage brooches, vintage earrings, vintage necklaces, some vintage sewing items and vintage clothing. I re-opened my Etsy Shop and listed all of it. The items in this post are just a few items I am currently offering. I am also currently offering 15% off all inventory. Just click here to receive the discount.

I hope this post was helpful (and I know it's not all about vintage jewelry). I truly believe we all need to re-evaluate our lives for our life's calling. If our current paths are not aligned with what our spirit /soul says about what we are meant to be doing, then we all need to re-investigate our current situation and figure out what we really should be doing. 

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