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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fun afternoon at the park!

I often take Dominic to the park after school. We ended up going to the park yesterday around 5:30. It's still really warm and sticky here in Houston, even though the first day of fall was last week. We ended up staying for awhile, but really dark clouds started rolling in and I thought it was going to rain so we left and went home. Turned out to be a false alarm. Never rained.
We were being silly and I was taking photo's of us laying down.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dominic started Pre-K!

It's official! My son is now in public school. I'm happy he's in school. I enrolled him in Pre-K programs at several schools this past spring, but most of the schools filled up fairly quickly. I thought I was on the ball with early registration, but I found out I was actually late. One school I went to was on their second round of applications and it was end of January, beginning of February.

I was lucky enough to get Dominic enrolled and accepted into a dual language academy (Spanish/English), which is a magnet school within Houston ISD. While the Pre-K students do not participate in the magnet program, Dominic's teacher does speak Spanish and she said she would be incorporating Spanish into their curriculum.

Here's his first day at school:
If you're not familiar with magnet programs within Houston ISD, you can read more about them here.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fun day in Houston!

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day in Houston. Blue skies and not one cloud in sight. The temperature was in the high 50s. Quite a stunning day to be precise!

After doing a few things around the house, I decided to take Dominic to do some fun stuff when he woke up from his nap. I signed up for Corner Bakery on Facebook about a month ago and got a postcard for a free combo in the mail yesterday. My son and I went to Corner Bakery when he woke up from his nap. I ordered their Ruben sandwich! I love it!

After lunch, we decided to go to the park. I took a lot of fun photo's of D!

We left the park around 4:30 and had to come home for a few minutes to walk my dog, Hana. I usually like to walk her between 4:30 and 5:00pm because it's still daylight. We walked Hana and then decided to go the the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Tuesdays are free days at the museum. It's a great museum, but normal admission is like $15 for adults or something crazy like that. I usually take Dominic once every few months and we always go on Tuesday. My son calls this museum the "dinosaur museum" because that's where the dinosaurs are.

They also have this great rock/mineral section that I think it so cool! The rocks are so pretty!

After visiting the Houston Museum of Natural Science, we went to The Village. The Village is a little community of shops/stores, located 1/2 mile or so west of Rice University. We went to Urban Outfitters, The Gap and Half Price Books.

I try and spend quality time with Dominic because he's growing up so quickly. He'll be four on Sunday. Boo hoo!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines day 2009: Kiddo party

My old friend, Penny, from high school invited Dominic and I over yesterday for a pre-Valentines day party. The party was just for our kiddo's. She made heart shaped pizza's and the kids got to decorate heart shaped cupcakes after lunch. Here are a few pics from the party yesterday:

Friday, February 6, 2009

Bee sting: No bueno!!!

Yesterday, I took Dominic to the park to play. We played for a little while and then I decided it was time to leave because I needed to get home to get ready to go to Yoga class with my neighbor. Dominic, being like any other two year old toddler, did not want to leave. I ended up picking him up and carring him to the car.

When we arrived to our car, I felt something stick my upper right thigh. I thought Dominic could have stepped in gum and a bit of the gum had gotten stuck to my leg or something. I set him down in his car seat and checked the bottoms of his shoes for gum, which there was none. I did however, see a red spot on my thigh. I walked around to my side of the car, got in and sat down. I tried to examine the spot a little more closely, but still didn't see any type of stinger in there. I got home and started looking up “allergic reactions to bee stings,” online. I am pretty allergic to bee stings however, it's been such a long time since the last time I was stung by anything. I was actually a little scared because I wasn't sure what to do or what was going to happen, if anything. I put a paste of crushed aspirin and baking soda on the wound and went ahead to my Yoga class.

I got home from Yoga around 7.30 and I was not feeling so well. At the end of the Yoga class, we did some poses to stimulate our immune system. Maybe this caused a reaction with the bee venom of something. I felt really hot, really weak and I had aches all over my body. I felt like I was coming down with the flu. Justin brought me home some soup and I continued to feel worse as the evening progressed. I checked my temperature and I had a low grade fever of 100.5. I immediatey took some Ibuprofen and ran a luke warm bath. I went to bed after that. I felt so awful, I could barely move.

Here's a gross pic of my little bee sting:

I just thought I would share my bee sting episode. It was not pleasant. I'm feeling a bit better this morning, but still not 100%. Are any of you allergic to bees?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New year = clean slate

I know that 2008 was a bad year for many people. I personally, had an okay year. I don't have much to complain about. I did not lose any money because I had none invested (you can't lose what you don't have, right???). 2008 brought many great things to me. I am thankful to have a beautiful son who is healthy:I've had a chance to reflect on my life over the past few weeks and know that I want to do something exciting and challenging in 2009. Now that my vintage clothing collection is gone, I can now place my focus on designing. I whole heartedly want my collection to be amazing. I was going to focus on infant/toddler wear made of organic cotton however, with the new Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act, I apparently will be required to peform costly testing on all children's clothing items, which I unfortunately cannot afford. I'm not giving up, but I am thinking that I will shift my focus to women's wear-things that I like to wear, but can never find in the store. I'll keep you posted!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Basil Pesto Veggies: Yummy!

Several nights ago, I decided to cook all the veggies in our refrigerator before they went bad. I sautéed zucchini, orange peppers, peas, asparagus and onions in olive oil over medium to high heat. Once all the veggies were finished, I took some basil pesto sauce from a jar and added it to the veggies.I added chunks of cheese to the top of my veggies when I was finished adding the pesto sauce. Here are some pics of Dominic as he was eating that night:

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Handmade greeting cards and bobo's!

I've been really busy lately making my handmade greeting cards. In my post last week, I wrote about how my friend Mary Ann wanted to trade some
junk jewelry for my handmade cards. Once I delivered the cards, she fell in love with them and asked me to make a few additional cards for the holidays, which I gladly said yes!

Here are some of the cards I made for Mary Ann yesterday:

These are just an example of what my cards look like. If anyone is interested, I can make additional cards for $4/card or $2.50 if you order bulk.

Last night Dominic, my son, was running in the back den and tripped over his own feet. His head hit the base of the couch and cut the corner of his eye. We have this really soft modern faux suede couch and you would not think by looking at the couch that it would be possible to cut your face. Justin looked at the couch around the area where he thought Dominic hit the couch and Dominic apparently hit the wooden base of the couch just at the right spot. It was really scary because Justin brought him back to me and there was blood all over his face. Oh and earlier this morning, Dominic did something (not sure what) and he is acting like his arm is hurting. I've just called Dr. Hayes (his Doctor) and he has an appointment at 11am (he's sleeping now). Poor little guy!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Day at the zoo and Entrecard issues....Ugh!

I took Dominic to the zoo earlier this week. I think he is old enough now to enjoy the zoo a bit more however, still too young to understand about all of the animals and to really know what they are or how he relates to them.

Here are some pics of us at the zoo:

I played around with some of the pics in Photoshop and changed the colors, etc. I like playing around with them and making them look different. I really like this pic of Dominic though. It's hard taking a pic of yourself and getting your son to look at the camera and not try to grab for it. I especially like this photo of Dominic because he looks so at ease-at least that's what I think.

And here's a really cool pic of jellyfish:

There's something about the way jellyfish just float in the water. They are so free and have no cares. I mean, they are jellyfish, but there something about them that is so beautiful.

And here's Dominic in the petting zoo.

He really likes brushes. I'm afraid he's going to grow up and cut hair, not that that would be terrible or anything. It's in his genes. Justin (his father) is a hair dresser, his grandmother is a hair dresser, Justin's nephew is a hair dresser, Justin's dad and grandmother were hair dressers.

And here's one more pic of us:

He loves to suck his thumb. It's a security thing for him. He mostly sucks his thumb when he's tired or just because, but mostly when he's tired. I think he will learn to apprciate the zoo even more in six months time.

On another note, to all of my Entrecard friends and readers...Entrecard deleted my account last night. I'm really upset over this. The reason they deleted my account is because when I originally signed up for Entrecard, I was using my old blog that was attached to my website. When I transferred all of my blog posts to blogger, I added my new blog address however, the email I received about the account deletion last night said that I they deleted my account due to abandoning my blog. Well, if they would have done a little research before deleting my account, they would have realized that I actually do post every 1-2 days. They reactivated a new account for me, but I lost all of my dropped cards and all of my favorites. I am trying to work with them to get everything back and am hoping I can do so, but I'm not going to count on it. So, if you are one of my Entrecard droppers, please drop your card again and I will visit you, I promise! Sorry. :( I'm really annoyed by this.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pumpkin Patch: Boo hoo!

Each and every year at Halloween time, there's a public pumpkin patch held in Bellaire, Texas at the Nature Discover Center. Since I missed taking Dominic to the pumpkin patch last year, Justin made sure I knew to take him this year.

I decided to take Mr. Dominic yesterday however, made the mistake of taking him when he was really super tired and cranky. I could not get a decent pic of him. Not one.

I could not get him to look at the camera once. I guess he was over stimulated or something. Who knows. Okay and check out his adorable shirt. It has little cows and lasso's (Western theme). I went to an estate sale a few days ago and this lady had kept all of her son's garments from the 50s. I bought all of these really cute little retro 50s shirts for Dominic. Most of them fit him now, but some of them are still too big. The surprising thing is that most of the items are in really good condition with little to no staining whatsoever.

I'll be adding some creative posts later this week. I have so much going on right now, I don't know if I am coming or going.

Friday, October 10, 2008

New vintage clothing: Cheap auction prices

Since I've returned home from my little evacuation excursion, I've decided to downsize my vintage clothing collection. I have so many items-some have been listed before and some have never been listed. I could list items for months and never run out of things to list.

I listed this cute little vintage 60s/70s hoot owl handbag for $45:

I listed this cute little box purse for $25:

This cute little vintage 50s embroidered paisley wiggle dress:

and these cute vintage 50s rhinestone hair combs:

Many of the items posted above are actually in my fixed price store inventory however, I assure you I have tons of items listed at low start auction prices. The items are all great-I just have too much stuff and need to consolidate.

On another note, I got a lot of stuff done today. I have ADD and tend to forget to make to do lists however, when I do make to do lists, I totally stay on track and focus on what needs to be done. I made a list last night and have gotten most of the items off my list, but I still have a few things left (which will probably have to be carried over through tomorrow). I woke up pretty early today and cleaned, walked Dominic in his stroller and took and Hana, packaged my giveaway items for the Purple Sampler Box (this is a fall and holiday box I signed up to donate my handmade items to with hopes of getting some exposure. I donated 75 items for the fall box and mailed them today). I followed up with a man named Randy at my church. They want me to write a devotional for church and I volunteered to do so. I followed up with some other people, I have now written my blog post. I went to two estate sales (they sucked!) and went to Justin's salon and got my hair colored. Whew. I still have more things to do, but they can wait until tomorrow. Oh and I need to write my dear friend Louise in the UK. I miss her! Louise, if you are reading this, I miss you!

Monday, September 15, 2008

More about hurricane Ike: I'm still not home

As most of you are aware, Hurricane Ike hit the Texas gulf coast this past weekend. This storm was a category 2 storm and left mass destruction on the Texas gulf coast.

As I posted previously, I evacuated to Austin with my son and my dog Hana. Justin stopped by our house yesterday (I think) and said the only damage that occurred was that water got into our sunroom and one side of our back fence is flat on the ground-oh and a part of another side of the fence is missing. Most of city is still without power, the sewer/water is not working properly, several grocery/drug stores/gas stations are open however, the lines are incredibly long. I was going to return home today, but city officials are urging those people who evacuated to stay gone if you don't have to return home. The only reason I would have to return home is that I have four items (three eBay and one from my own vintage site) that need to be shipped, but I don't even think our post office is open and/or delivering mail. I was getting a little stressed out about these packages because my customers have already paid me for them and I typically ship the day after receiving payment, but I am sure they will understand. I've emailed all of them and explained my situation. I even printed out their shipping labels from Austin/here yesterday just in case I went home today. I just don't think it would be in my best interest to return home. How would I keep Dominic's milk cold without power?

I know my issues are only inconvenient and I'm really fortunate that nothing really happened to our home. Thank God!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Yikes...what have I gotten myself into?

Originally posted 8/10/08

Okay, so now it is confirmed by me that I am completely crazy.

I went to church this morning and the message before the offering was that we need to do what we can to help the church and their ministry grow (other than by giving money). We basically need to give our time to the church as well, which I understand. It's just so difficult for me because I always have Dominic. I have come to the conclusion that if God wants me somewhere, he will make childcare available for me so that I can help out. So today, I offered my assistance with an upcoming school outreach project. I hope I can deliver what it takes and not get completely stressed out. So that's the first thing I have on my plate.

Secondly, I have tons of new vintage items to list on my site today. I've had two full hat boxes of hats that have been sitting here for months and I've finally gotten around to taking pics. Here are a few that will be added today:














These hats that I have right now are pretty incredible. Too bad I live in Texas and don't wear hats. I've actually saved a few for myself (beret style). I can get by wearing a beret or bucket style hat in the winter. I'd probably look pretty silly in any other type of hat. Many of the hats I get are so tiny too. I swear, there's something in the food and drink nowdays because we are much bigger than our ancestors. Women's hands and heads, well bodies in general, used to be much smaller than the average sized person of today. It's really odd if you stop and think about it. It's almost like something is being added to the food we eat or the milk we drink or something in the fertilizer. I ponder this quite often.

I'm also a member of the Etsy Street Team for Texas. You can read more about them here: Check the blog - - to sign up for the mailing list.

Today, I signed up for four different things they have coming up: 1. one to one gift swap, 2. Etsy team challenge, 3. Maker Faire in Austin (great way to get my name out there by sending free promo items) and 4. Group gift swap.

By signing up for these events, I am going to be super busy making stuff in the next few weeks.

So, between my vintage business, my crafty business and church, I am not going to have a free minute to spare. This is all in addition to my normal daily activity with my son and family. Argh. Where does time go and why do I think I have so much of it? That's okay, I function better when I can't stop to think.

Another day in the life of ...

Originally posted 7/23/08

Every day when I wake up, the first thing I do is check my email (or one of the first things). I used to make a latte with my lovely latte maker however, since I've tried to cute caffeine out of my diet completely since I started having panic attacks (again). This is very frustrating for me because I have a routine and don't like to change up my routine, but I'd rather have no caffeine that a panic attack.

I posted last night that I did not think I could sleep. I finally went to bed and sat there until nearly 3am, basically short of having yet another panic attack. I honestly think it's stress, but I really don't have anything to be stressed about at the moment. I sell vintage as a hobby, not because I have to. I do it because I love it. So, that's not it. I'm not stressed about finding new items to sell because I have tons of stuff to sell. I just can't pinpoint what the problem is. Oh and I can't eat tomatoes anymore because they make my heart race like crazy. It's almost as if after I had Dominic, my homones completely changed.

Speaking of Dominic, I usually put his high chair near me in the morning when I'm working and give him "nana" or some blueberries to eat. He likes pretty much anything and everything and he'll spit it out if he hates it.


Today, he's happy. He's usually a really happy baby (most of the time), but he has his moments as I'm sure all babies do. He's nearly 18m old now is learning so much. I'm so thankful to have him in my life. He goes to all my estate sales with me and has done so since he was really really little. I used to carry him in a Bjorn carrier and he outgrew that. I ordered a Mei Tei carrier from a seller on eBay who custom makes them. I'll have to take a pic of that sometime and post it.





I also checked my voicemail this morning. This is something I rarely do. I'll check it once every three or four days. I see it this way..If I see I missed a call and know who called me, I'll call them right back or as soon as I get a chance. There's no need to leave a message unless it's someone I don't know and then, by all means leave a message. So, I had 7 messages. Some were from a few weeks ago. I'm so bad.

I also took a couple pics of my room. I have one garment rack that is bursting at the seams, but I keep cramming more vintage clothing on there. The whole thing is probably going to collapse at some point (it's happened before).



I have my lil' sewing area set up next to the rack with a huge pile of garments that need new zippers or seams mended or something. It's never ending. At least I've already pinned the zippers in some of the dresses. I sat on my chair the other day to do a quick sew on something and sat on a pin. That did not feel very good, let me tell you!

Okay, and all of the bins and stuff under the rack are full of things that have not been listed.

I also have two hat boxes full of hats that have not been listed:
















And my closet is full of inventory as well....

Each little cubicle thing in my closet to the left has about 5-10 garments folded (possibly more). I also have things in my garage and back storage closet as well.

I was talking to my friend Corrie of So Fancy It Hurts - yesterday. She lives here in Houston and we met randomly last year at an estate sale. She and I are a lot alike in the respect that we buy stuff even if we don't need it.

We were also discussing the fact about how we are confronted by the thought of death all the time (I know, a bit morbid). I think it has something to do with the fact the line of work we do. We go to these estate sales all the time and many of the women have already passed away or have moved into assisted living or what have you. I think about this all the time. And then Corrie said, "What if this happens to us someday?"-Talking about people rummaging through our things or other girls getting excited because we have cool clothing to sell. It's very scary and depressing.

Enough about that. I still love vintage clothing!