Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Vintage housewares can add a little spice to your decor!

I've been to houses where all of the decor is sterile, new and really boring. It's as if the person only shopped at one of those large, chain furniture stores. That stuff is okay, I suppose, but why not brighten up your space and give it some character? Is it that difficult for some people to envision the endless possibilities of adding a vintage piece to their already sterile home decor?

Set Architectural Candle Holders Shabby candlesticks $28 by Retro Chalet Photobucket
These candlesticks are great. They are made of wood and would add a nice pop of color to any room.

Amazing Antique 1930s Bread Box $110 by Alpenglow VintagePhotobucket
I love this cute breadbox! I love anything from the 1930s, actually. I like the turquoise paint around the front perimeter and I love the crackle effect to the metal. This breadbox would make an excellent addition to any shabby kitchen decor. Much better than any new, modern (made to look vintage) kitchen breadbox.

Set of 3 Vintage Mid Century Modern Retro Turquoise & Gold Glass Decanters w/ Tops Lids $25 by Texas Vintage Things
I picked up these decanters at an estate sale awhile back. I actually can't remember. They are very modern and the colors are gold & turquoise. These would be cute in any room amongst other mid century modern items.

You can find these items by clicking on the photo's above or you can click here. All sellers featured in this post are members of the Etsy Recyclers Guild Team.

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