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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Want To Create an iTunes Podcast Widget for Your Blog?

I am an advocate for learning, growth, and, positive outcomes in life. Over the past few years, I have created a list of Podcasts that I follow, and I try to listen to as many of them as often as possible. 

My Podcast list incorporates growth and development, memorization, spirituality, entrepreneurship, parenting, philosophy, and other random topics. These are the topics I find most interesting.

Blogger does not have a pre-configured widget for Podcasts ready to install on your blog, so I searched the Internet earlier for a widget, or instructions to create a one. After a quick search, I found this post on iTunes.

The iTunes blog widget builder is self-explanatory. If you understand pictures, you can figure it out. There are no instructions, just a few drop-down menus. iTunes offers the ability to create widgets for tv, movies, & Podcasts. I only needed a specific widget for Podcasts to paste into my blog sidebar.

The first drop-down menu  in the widget builder offers the ability to choose what type of widget you will create:

 Next, you will add the “Title” of your widget followed by the “Description”. Both of these items are widget requirements. The "Add/Edit" radio button just below the “Description” will give you the option to "Add and/or Edit" your desired Podcasts. The iTunes Podcasts are already populated in iTunes. You just have to add your selected Podcasts, and they should automatically populate as long as they are in iTunes. Once you have finished adding all your Podcasts and have no edits, you can change the colors of your widget if you want – or you can leave the colors as is (I left mine as the default colors).
Here’s an example of what you will see:

Here is what the finished widget will look like: 

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